Battery Pack Warranty

Warranty period is one year. The warranty covers manufacturing defects and electronic or cell failure. We will repair or replace the pack at our sole discretion. The capacity of the pack is warranted to remain at 80% of rated capacity or higher during the warranty period. The exact capacity you will get varies with load and other factors. We warranty the pack will have a capacity of plus or minus 5% of it's rating when delivered. The amp hour (AH) rating is based on a continuous 8A load. The warranty does not cover physical damage, use of unauthorized chargers including solar panels, or loads above it's rated capacity. Also not covered is damage do to the use of regeneration (regen). Packs returned for warranty will be examined for misuse and a determination will be made on warranty coverage. Customer is responsible for return postage. We do not supply loaner packs. This is the extent of the warranty and no other coverage is expressed or implied.

Return Policy

We do not accept returns. All sales are final. Please be sure of your purchase by asking questions if necessary. We will be happy to advise you and recommend a product based on your requirements.