tricycle ebike tricycle ebike Not Your Grandma's Trike

Hub Motor


22 MPH
40 Mile Range

High Speed, Powerful Work Trike

This high performance trike will cruise easily at 20+ mph making it good for commuting. The powerful 750 watt motor can haul you and a large load easily. Large basket for groceries and add a trailer for even more capacity. Large 26" wheels provide a smooth ride. Dual brakes, front and rear. Why get a trike? They are very stable (good for balance issues), comfortable, and safe. It is very convenient to place all the groceries in the basket and go. No fumbling around trying to fit everything in pannier bags. Tricycles are no longer only for the trailer park crowd. This is a sharp looking, well made bike. Many options are available with range limited only by your choice of battery packs (practical limit 80 miles). We even have a low power, low speed version for Grandma. Price ranges from $800 to $1800. Local pickup only.
Two week lead time. Please email for more information.

Motor Kits now available

We are now offering a great motor kit for the do-it-yourselfer. It includes a heavy duty 750 watt motor that can be run efficiently from 450 to 1000 watts. Also included is a high power 22 amp controller. more ...

Custom Conversions

Hightekbikes will convert your existing bike to an ebike. Do you have a bike you love, but need electric power for speed and range? Most bikes can be converted. We have several motor options available. more ...