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HTB-180F Electric Foldup Bicycle.

This is a state-of-the-art high tech bicycle. You will not find a more advanced electric powered foldup anywhere in the world. The aluminum frame is strong yet light. Front forks have shock absorbers to smooth out the ride. Efficient 180 watt hub motor is whisper silent. An optional 250 wt motor is available for larger riders. The Lithium Ion battery is locked into position and can be removed for charging. Weighing about 5 lbs, this battery supplies more power per weight and size than any other technology. Wide, 16" tires handle rough roads and trails with no problem. Seat height is adjustable. Motor speed is continuously variable with throttle control hand grip. The bike folds up into a small package and will fit in your car trunk, sailboat, or private airplane. Commuting to work, running errands, or just joy riding, the stylish looks will turn heads. The bike of the future available now, exclusively at

MOTOR: 180 wt, optional 250 wt
BATTERY: 10AH Lithium Ion
RANGE: 10-20 mi (varies with load)
CLIMBING: 15% grade
WEIGHT: 39.2 lbs
LOADING CAPACITY: 165 lbs (max rider weight)
200 lbs with optional 250 wt motor.
EXTERIOR SIZE: 4'6" x 23" x 45"
FOLDED SIZE: L=32" x W=20" x H=24"

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