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Engineered and handcrafted 8000 ft above sea level in Big Bear Lake, California, FORTUNE HANEBRINK is the confluence of ingenuity, ecology, and luxury. Built out of the desire to ride 365 days a year, the capabilities of the HANEBRINK are as limitless as your own sense of adventure.

Nearly 10 years ago, national champion cyclist, bicycle innovator, and NASA aerospace engineer, Dan Hanebrink was approached by an Arctic explorer looking for an alternative to skis that could take him and his equipment across the icy terrain of Antarctica. Hanebrink created a bicycle unlike anything ever built before. The original “Ice Bike” by HANEBRINK had no plastic parts and used superfat, low-pressure tires that devoured all surfaces in all conditions silently and effortlessly.

Today, our drive for innovation continues. Pushing the boundaries to create transportation for outdoor enthusiasts, FORTUNE HANEBRINK combines state-of-the art science and with the latest in bicycle technology. The HANEBRINK has evolved into a revolutionary all-terrain hybrid vehicle that can truly go anywhere on the planet. Maintaining minimal environmental impact and zero-carbon emissions, the HANEBRINK is also equipped with a 600-watt brushless electric motor.

Fitted with five lithium ion batteries the HANEBRINK provides a run time of over 6 hours, more than 100 miles of riding, and the batteries are fully recharged in 3 hours. The HANEBRINK reaches speeds up to 40 mph and employs 14 speed-gearing with a low range that is easily capable of carrying up to 300 pounds of bulky cargo up steep terrain or deep into inaccessible areas. Using hybrid technology and a featherweight aluminum frame, the HANEBRINK is a true pioneer in green technology.

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