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Dual Motor eBike

This amazing hill climbing bike puts a combined 1400 watts of power to the road. An optional controller boosts it to 1600 watts! Two wheel drive is the most efficient way to conquer steep hills. Our extensive testing has proven this to be the case. You could use a single huge, heavy, and power-hungry hub motor but even that can't match the torque of Dual Action Drive ®. Chain drive motors like the Cyclone can utilize the gears which helps, but they are noisy, ugly, and can go out of alignment. The motors in the dual drive system are totally independent. You would normally use one motor for cruising up to 22 mph, then when you come to a hill, activate the second throttle. Feel the torque as the second motor kicks in, instantly doubling your power. The system has two separate drive systems, including batteries. This provides total redundancy. In the unlikely event of a part failure, the other motor is still available to get you home quickly and safely. For flexibility, the batteries (standard 36V 10AH) can be connected in parallel for twice the range while using one motor. They are mounted either on the top of the rear rack, or in panniers. The frame is also available in a step-thru model. Finally, a nice looking bike that WILL GET YOU UP THAT HILL!

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