Bionx Motor

Bionx Motor Kits for Rear Wheels

The most advanced ebike motor system in the world.

Bionx kits are known the world over as the ultimate motorized kit for converting bikes. Designed and manufactured in Canada to extremely high quality standards, these kits have an advanced computer control system unmatched in the industry. A sophisticated torque sensor on the motor axle measures pressure applied by the rider. The computer analyzes this pressure and applies a pre-programmed amount of motor assist. The levels of assist are selectable by the user. A unique display console allows the user to adjust several parameters according to different requirements. In addition to the pedal assist function, a hand throttle is included for independent speed control. The motor will fit on most bikes, including small foldups, because it was designed to be thin. The battery pack is enclosed in a custom case designed to be mounted in the center of the bike for good balance. An optional DC to DC converter can be installed in the battery case, providing 12VDC for lights and other accessories. Superior design, superior quality. If you want only the best, you want Bionx.

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