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Battery Pack 36V 10AH

LiCoMn Battery Pack with Cylinder Cells

* 36V 10Ah Rechargeable Battery Pack
* Integrated BMS with cell balancing function.
* Voltage : 36V(working) 42V(peak) 30.0V (cut-off)
* Recommended continuous discharge: 20 amps
   (with estimated 85% capacity after 700 cycles)
* Maximum peak discharge: 25 amps (10 sec)
* Dimension: 10" x 6 1/2" x 4 1/4"
* Weight: 10 lbs

36V 10AH LiCoMn Battery with Charger
Item LICO36V10AH

Check Store for price and availablility ...

The main factors in determining the required battery capacity are: load (bike+rider), range, and incline. The 10AH batteries are recommened for loads less than 260 lbs and low inclines. For larger loads, steep hills, or extended range, please consider one of the larger packs.

Battery Chargers ...

Battery Pack Warranty ...

Due to DOT regulations, we can not ship these packs.
They have to be picked up or local delivery arranged.

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