Many people have emailed and requested comparisons between the Aotema and other kits. All the top rated kits from reputable dealers are good values. However, we believe the Aotema has some advantages. Instead of a direct comparison, we would like to emphasize the strong points of the Aotema (pronounced "ah-team-uh").

Why the Aotema motor is superior:

1. It's sensorless. This increases reliability tremendously. Hall sensor issues account for 90% of failures. Sensored motors have five extra wires coming out of the motor which are very delicate. If you break any of these (fall over, spin axle), you are out of commission as the controller will no longer work. Also the hall sensors in the motor can fail at high temps, when going up hills for example. They are very difficult to repair. Leading motor companies are moving to sensorless designs.

There are only three wires coming from the motor allowing an easier install. Also the wires come out the side of the axle, not the end where they are more noticeable and can be damaged. Fewer wires + better connectors = less trouble.

2. Name brand. Aotema has been manufacturing quality motors for at least 10 years now and have been imported into the U.S. for at least 8 years. With other kits, you really don't know where the motor is manufactured, and can change over time.

3. Quality. Aotema is a successful company that uses proven technology and quality components. We have had zero, yes 0.0 returns. That's why we have extended the warranty to five years!

4. Smaller size. The torque is virtually the same as motors that are a lot larger. It accomplishes this with huge magnets and a steel band surrounding them, increasing the magnetic flux. This makes your bike more stealthy. If you are a flashy person who likes to show off and attract attention (from law enforcement and thieves among others), then you might be happier with one of the larger motors. Most are painted black, so they really stand out. If you do not want to attract attention, and would like the option of riding on sidewalks and on the beautiful trails in state/federal parks, then you will want the Aotema. Most people think it's a large brake. For rear motors it's not an issue. For the front, smaller is better.


Why buy from Hightekbikes?

You might find the Aotema somewhere else, but you most likely will receive no support.

1. Support. You automatically receive lifetime support from us by phone or email. Sometimes things come up like mounting in different forks or maybe using different parts, controllers, throttles, etc. When you purchase from us, you get free tech support directly from the owner, an electronics engineer with 20 years experience. You will never experience the frustration of dealing with a flaky salesman who doesn't know a volt from an amp.

2. Stable company. We have been in business for about 5 years now and are in for the long haul. Other companies come and go and ebay is another story with all the fly-by-nighters and ripoffs. We are always working on upgrades and options such as our new 72V sensorless controller currently being beta tested. We are the best source because we work directly with the factory for sourcing and new development. We have some exciting new products from Aotema in the works.

3. Best deal. Sure, you will find cheaper kits out there, but lets take a closer look at what you are getting.

Our kit sells for $349:

- 50 savings getting an inferior motor
- 50 5 year warranty vs no warranty
- 50 peace of mind dealing with a reputable company

So when you factor everything in, our motor kit is actually cheaper than the junky stuff you find on ebay!
Don't be penny wise and dollar foolish. Spend your time enjoying the ride with no worries.

We want to get people on ebikes and out of cars for all the reasons you already know about. If you don't buy from us, we hope you get a kit from somebody else. You will enjoy every minute of it. Dollar for dollar, this will be the best investment you will ever made in your life. We appreciate your business.

Who is using Aotema Motors?